Portable Desk Divider

£165.00 ex. VAT

Transparent divider for office and retail

Key Features

  • Transparent vinyl barrier
  • Easy clean
  • Easy to setup
  • Reduce droplet transmission
  • Versatile application in public spaces


Shops, pharmacies, petrol stations, small production facilities, big factories, restaurants or waiting rooms are places where people can meet with each other. This new product will limit the risk of droplet transmission.

Portable Desk Divider cover is made from 3mm plexi. The product is easy to setup.

Portable Desk Divider is fully transparent and supported on legs (available in different colours) which helps visibility minimise risk of collision.

The unit is 1 metre wide and 2 metres high.

Portable Desk Divider can be kept hygienic and clean with non-corrosive detergents.


The following product sizes are available.

Width Height
1000mm 2000mm


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